Mastering International Student Enrollment

Mastering International Student Recruitment
Mastering International Student Recruitment

Time: 11:00am ET -

The marketplace has changed for international student recruitment and enrollment. In a world of growing competition, increasing visa denials, and challenging agency relationships, it is no longer good enough to leave students and agents on their own and expect them to come knocking at your door. If you want to succeed in maintaining or growing your international program today, you will need to update your strategies to meet the current trends and circumstances, especially in a post COVID-19 world.


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While many schools are concerned about the changes coming to international student programs, much will remain the same. Many schools struggle to attract and retain international families, yet there are also schools that thrive. There is a common thread between successful schools, allowing them to maintain and grow enrollment at a predictable and reasonable pace without relying heavily on others or increasing market spending.

In this workshop, you will not only learn these recent changes and what the new strategies are, but you will be able to determine your institutional bandwidth and then customize a step-by-step action plan that sets your school on the path to success. You’ll learn the importance of strategic enrollment management and a coordinated recruitment plan, along with how to implement such an overarching action plan for long-lasting, positive results.

Topics Include:

  • Programmatic Strategic Staffing
  • Mission Alignment and Admission Criteria—New Requirements
  • Agency Portfolio—New Strategies Needed
  • International Enrollment Management and Compliance
  • Post COVID-19 Realities—Updates


  • Learn how to control what you can for international enrollment, and understand the new changes required.
  • Learn effective strategies for maintaining and attracting international families to your school.
  • Explore how to help your students navigate the new visa application process to ensure they “pass.”
  • Create a strategy for taking control of your recruiting efforts and marketing your program without having to rely solely on agencies.
  • Understand U.S. State Department updates to SEVP-compliance requirements.
  • Learn how to grow your international student enrollment without the pressure or additional cost of increasing your staff.
  • Discover how to create an effective, dynamic international page on your website that families and agencies will relate to now.
  • Ensure you can diversify your program to recruit families from many different countries.
  • Learn marketing strategies to effectively market and then communicate with your international families, in and out of crisis mode.

Who Should Attend:

Admission Directors, Enrollment Managers, International Program Directors, Principal Designated School Official (PDSO) and Designated School Official (DSO) Teams, Business Managers, Advancement/Communications Directors, School Heads, and anyone overseeing an international student program should attend. This workshop is ideal for teams who want to build a mission-driven, cohesive international student program together.

Jacqueline M. Yamada

Jacqueline M. Yamada

ISM Consultant


Jacqui, a former international student program coordinator and Principal Designated School Official (PDSO), has turned her work with international students into a model for governance of international student programs. She has expertise in international student enrollment, international program establishment, SEVIS compliance, homestay concerns, and international student relations.

Current Role

As an ISM Consultant, Jacqui shares recommended strategies for international student programs with private-independent school administrators. She teaches workshops, hosts webinars, and conducts on-site consultations to help schools create, bolster, and sustain international student enrollment programs.

Jacqui has presented at many industry association events, including TABS, NAIS, NBOA, SBSA, ISANNE, IECA, MISBO, and ICEF. She was also invited to participate in a NAFSA Summit Briefing by the U.S. State Department and Department of Education.

Prior Experience

Jacqui previously served as Director of International Programs and Principal Designated School Official (PDSO) for the Rocky Hill School, RI. She worked with SEVIS to keep her school in strict compliance with U. S. Homeland Security and Department of State. Jacqui has worked in the education field for 25 years.

Summer Institute will be held as a distance learning event.

How it works:

Summer Institute will be open from 11 a.m. ET/8 a.m. PT through 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT for the duration of the workshop dates posted.

During that time, you can expect:

  • Two live sessions with your instructor every day, each up to 90 minutes long
  • Flexible time for independent work, connecting with peers, and group learning

This workshop will deliver the same high-quality learning and takeaways you expect from an ISM workshop. Below you’ll find an overview of the topics covered.


Virtual Workshop Schedule (subject to adjustment)



  • Welcome and Introductions
    • Online Workshop Protocols – Setting Expectations & Getting to Know You!
  • ISM Foundations: Mission Alignment and Portrait of a Graduate
    • Course Overview: How to Determine International Program’s “Why”
    • Share How COVID19 has Impacted Program Delivery

Topic #1

  • Discern Your Story – Compose Your “International” Brand
  • Making Certain the International Program Dovetails the School’s Strategic Plan
  • Determining the Institutional Bandwidth for SEVP Certification Requirements
    • Program Foundations of Compliance – Understanding Expectations

Topic #2

  • Overview of Diversity – Intentionality in Building a Program
    • Cultural Nuances – How and When to Address
    • Calendar Review and Diversity Exercise
    • Aligning International Program Goals with Student Advising and Coursework
    • Defining Student-Centric and Commitment to Student Success

Topic #3

  • Admission Criteria – Mission Alignment and Portrait of a Graduate
    • How to Garner the Best Student Profiles
    • What are Acceptable Waivers?
    • Exciting New Testing Options – Are You Ready?
    • How COVID19 has Impacted this Process – Can Your School Pivot?
  • How to Make This a Team Approach with Admissions

Topic #4

  • International Student Recruitment Now
    • How and Where to Redirect Those Recruitment Dollars?
    • Get Ready to Reboot Those Old Armchair Methods
    • Review What’s New: Virtual Fairs and Interview Platforms
    • New Rules of Engagement
    • Digital Marketing Strategies

Topic #5

  • Agency Portfolio
    • How to Build or Bolster on What You Have
    • Decide Who to Work with and Then Vet, Vet, Vet
    • Yield Mission Appropriate Students

Topic #6

  • International Student Safety and Parents’ Concerns
    • Post COVID19 Realities – New SEVP Requirements
    • Program Delivery and Pre-Departure Advising – Visa Applications
    • Crisis Planning – Debrief COVID 19 and What Changes Are Needed Protocols for ALL Departures
    • Differentiator – Concierge Approach

Topic #7

  • Strategic Program Staffing
    • Sole Proprietor Office Model
    • Communications and Web Page Review
  • Leveraging Staff Vs. New Hires
    • When and Why to Make New Hires
    • Personality Exercise
  • SEVP Updates Post COVID19

Topic #8

  • ISM Circle
    • Job Descriptions – Determination of Responsibilities
    • Importance of Creating Predictability and Support

Topic #9

  • Community Engagement / Involvement
    • Coordinate with Advancement Team
    • Inculcate International Families to School Community

Topic #10

  • Internationalization of Your School Campus
    • Messaging: Who You Say You Are and Who You Are
    • Faculty and Staff Training

Topic #11

  • Re-Enrollment and Moving to Continuous Enrollment
    • Why and How – ISM Tenants
  • Determine Internal Team and Then Importance of Messaging

Topic #12

  • Shared Reflections
  • What is Different Now for Schools and Students
  • Determine Follow Up Agendas and Timeline

Topic #13

  • International Program Goal Setting and Action Planning
  • How to Assess Program and Set Realistic Goals
    • When, Where and How to Get Help
  • Determining Action Plan

Topic #14

  • Coaching 1:1
    • Shared Resources: ISM Checklists, SEVP, Professional Association Articles

Additional Topics

  • Homestay Program Development/Maintenance
    • Build a Safe and Compliant Program to Support International Enrollment
      • Learn to Invite vs. Recruit Family Participation

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