Roxanne S. Higgins

Roxanne S. Higgins | ISM President | Director of Consultants | Senior Consultant | Bio
Roxanne S. Higgins | ISM President | Director of Consultants | Senior Consultant | Bio | Mobile

ISM President | Director of Consultants | Senior Executive Consultant


Roxanne is an expert in optimizing time, space, and personnel to help each school deliver a mission-appropriate program developed around the needs of its students.

Current Role

Roxanne Higgins is the President of ISM and the company’s senior scheduling Consultant. She is responsible for the overall operation and management of the company.

Roxanne has worked onsite with more than 400 schools in North America, South America, Asia, and Europe, more than once with many of them. She taught the Scheduling Without Conflict workshop (now Student-Centered Scheduling) for many years, both at Summer Institute and during the school-year workshop program.

As an ISM Consultant, Roxanne:

  • Provides scheduling services for schools of all types, sizes, and grade levels; key consultations include the intensive Schedule Analysis and onsite workshops for faculty and Scheduling Committees;
  • Delivers and facilitates the Scheduling the Elementary School workshop at Summer Institute; and
  • Assists in developing content for articles in Ideas & Perspectives, ISM’s advisory publication, and for workshops.

Prior Experience

Her career at ISM began in 1984, after working briefly in international banking and teaching a course for seventh-graders in economics. Roxanne has served as an account manager for ISM Insurance Inc., was the Director of Management Institutes for six years, served as the ISM Consulting Coordinator for four years, and was Vice President for four years. She took the position of ISM President in January 1990.