The Head Search Process

The Head Search Process
The Head Search Process

A compendium of articles from Ideas & Perspective and To The Point concerning the process of searching for a School Head, and how to handle the transition and its impact in your school.

Table of Contents

  • The Cost of Changing Heads: Stop the Four-Year Cycle
  • What’s So Bad About Losing the School Head?
  • Avoiding Unnecessary Head Changes
  • The Search is On: Identifying and Appointing Your New School Head
  • Estimating the ‘Cost’ (and Anticipating the ‘Hidden Expenses’) of a Head Search
  • Head Candidates: Questions to Ask About the Planning Document
  • Financial Questions the Search Committee Should Ask Head Candidates
  • Financial Questions the Head Candidate Should Ask During the Interviews
  • The Case for Hiring an Acting or Interim Head
  • Should You Appoint a Board Member as Acting Head?
  • Why There Should be Contracts Between Boards and Heads
  • How to Design a Reasonable Contract for a Head
  • Head Contract—ISM Model
  • School Head Compensation, 2010–11: Using Head Salary as an Effective Retention/Succession Tool
  • Support and Recognition for the Departing Head
  • Ease the Transition for the Incoming Head
  • A Few Words for the Head-Elect
  • Head Contract Renewal: Is it Wise to Wait Until Fall?
  • Compensation Negotiations With Your (Excellent) School Head
  • The Board’s Contract With the School Head: Solidify Expectations, Define Relationships
  • Strategic Planning, Leadership, and Your Next Head Search
  • The Head’s Contract: Liquidated Damages
  • Strategies That Reduce Excessive Head Turnover
Image of a teacher and students in class
Image of a teacher and students in class