Leadership and Change: Perspectives for the School Head (Third Edition)

Leadership and Change: Perspectives for the School Head (Third Edition)
Leadership and Change: Perspectives for the School Head (Third Edition)

As the Head of a private-independent school, you understand the difficulties of providing effective leadership for your Management Team and your faculty and staff. How can you build a management structure and culture in your school that, ultimately, makes a profound difference in the lives of children?

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Leadership & Change: Perspectives for the School Head (Third Edition), a compilation of key articles from ISM's advisory letters, provides the core knowledge that is crucial for effective management in private schools. Energize and empower your leadership skills in the most beneficial manner to develop your school and career.

  • ISM Research Report: 16 Characteristics of Head Leadership
  • 15 Administrative Actions and Approaches Compatible With the Findings of ISM’s Head Leadership Study
  • School Head Leadership: Results From ISM’s Follow-up Study
  • Sustainable Leadership for Private-Independent Schools
  • What’s Your Paradigm: Power Leadership or Service Leadership?
  • The Headship: Are Your Leading Yet?
  • Balancing Delegation and Operational Accountability
  • The Head’s Five Major Priorities
  • The School Head: Accountability Beyond the Head’s Objectives
  • Your Management Team’s Mission Statement
  • The Academic Administrative Culture Profile
  • The Head’s Role in Developing Leadership
  • Your Management Team: Empowering Leaders From Within
  • Influencing Upward: Advice for the Head’s Direct Reports
  • Strong Leaders, Strong Teams: Renew Your Administrative Perspective
  • The Two Fundamental Questions for School Leaders
  • Mission and Leadership: A Primer in Mission-Oriented ‘Change’ Problems
  • Reculturing for Change: A Head’s Primer
  • Change and the Implementation Dip
  • Managing Complex Change in Private-Independent Schools
  • Generational Differences and Leadership in Your School
  • Five Characteristics of Outstanding Managerial Foresight
  • Your Role as Faculty Leader: What Teachers Need From You
  • Faculty Autonomy and Collegiality: A Leadership/Management Challenge
  • Faculty Evaluation, Student Performance, and School Leadership: An Update
  • The Faculty Culture Profile II
  • The Student Culture Profile II
  • From Entrenched Faculty to Committed Teachers
  • Why the Worst (and Best) Teachers Matter
  • Managing Faculty Culture in Times of Turmoil
  • Avoid the Pitfalls When You Must Downsize
  • Board Leadership: ISM Research Report
  • The Board’s Contract With the School Head: Solidify Expectations, Define Relationships
  • Board-Level Confusion: The School Head as Personnel Manager and Chief Fund Raiser
  • Helping Board Members Understand Your School’s Educational Programs
  • Feedback Lets Employees Know When They’re ‘On Track’
  • Creating Job Descriptions: Dos, Don’ts, and Tools
  • Will a Good Teacher Make a Good Administrator?
  • So You’ve Founded a School ... Now What?
  • Win the Battle to Move Your School to Maturity
  • The Third Iteration of ISM Stability Markers
  • A Sample Strategic Plan (Including a Capital Campaign)
  • Strategic Planning, Leadership, and Your Next Head Search
  • The Head Support and Evaluation Committee: What Does Support Actually Mean?
  • Purpose and Outcome Statements: Characteristics of Professional Excellence