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What School Marketers Need to Know About Generation Alpha

Marketing Communications // September 11, 2022

Generation Alpha—children born in or after 2010—is projected to be 2 billion strong by the year 2025, the largest generation in history. This new generation of students is proving a combination of their predecessors, while also necessitating updates to systems, processes, and engagement strategies.

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School Spotlight: Marketing Audit Helps Escuela Americana Improve Enrollment

School Spotlight // September 11, 2022

Director Dr. Polly Parker tells prospective students, “We want your experience at Escuela Americana to last a lifetime. You will build friendships and connections with teachers that last for your whole life. We want you to be able to connect purposefully with everyone in the community, and we want you to create whatever you want, follow your passions, and explore the world.”

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Concerned About Monkeypox in Your School? Start Here

School Health and Wellness // September 11, 2022

As you head into the new school year, you may be concerned about the most recently identified infectious disease—monkeypox. As a private school leader, you may wonder what exactly monkeypox is, precisely the signs and symptoms of the disease, how your school should handle an outbreak, and more.

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Substance Abuse Prevention: What You Need to Know Right Now

School Health and Wellness // August 21, 2022

Researchers have observed increases in substance abuse and drug overdoses in the United States since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared a national emergency in March 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic also presented unique challenges for people with substance abuse and those in recovery.

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Four Elements of a Comprehensive Enrollment Growth Plan

Enrollment Management // August 21, 2022

A strategic enrollment management plan is a comprehensive process designed to help your school achieve and maintain optimum recruitment, retention, and student graduation rates. A plan helps you develop a holistic understanding of your enrollment environment and provides you the ability to deploy actionable steps toward your goals.

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How to Define and Differentiate Your School to Gain a Competitive Edge

Marketing Communications // August 7, 2022

In most markets, today’s public schools adequately prepare students for higher education, which has traditionally been a key differentiator for private schools. Now it’s more important than ever to determine what your competitive edge is and how that differs from your local public schools in your area.

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