Four Reasons to Consider Shifting to a Continuous Enrollment Program

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Shifting to a continuous enrollment program is a hot topic among advancement professionals in private-independent schools. Many schools have switched to re-enrolling students automatically for the next year if the student is in good academic standing, has no behavioral issues, and his or her account is paid in full.

Now many schools are asking, “Should we adopt a continuous enrollment model?”

First and foremost, consider your school’s mission when deciding whether continuous enrollment is right for your community. Every school is unique—what works for one may not work for another.

Amy Riley, ISM Consultant, recently sat down and discussed four reasons your school might consider shifting to a continuous enrollment program. We’re detailing one and you can watch the video below to hear all four.

We often hear that schools switch to continuous enrollment to increase the efficiency of their operations. When families are automatically re-enrolled at the school, there is much less time spent tracking down and re-enrolling current students. No longer will the admission team need to chase families for signed contracts and be unsure of how many spots are available for incoming students.

It also eases the workload of your families. Parents won’t need to fill out a fresh application each year. Continuous enrollment minimizes redundancies and respects families' quality time.

Watch below for three more reasons you may consider transitioning to a continuous enrollment program.

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