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The De Facto Mission Statement

Board of Trustees ● April 5, 2020

We’ve highlighted how vital your school’s mission statement is to the culture and decision-making processes in your school. But there’s also another mission statement—the de facto mission statement. The de facto mission comprises well-understood—but rarely codified or written—sets of principles or practices observed throughout the school. If the de facto mission statement exists, it’s often because the institutional mission statement may have become a poor match with actual practice.

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How to Manage Re-Enrollment in the Midst of COVID-19

School Heads ● April 5, 2020

For most private-independent schools, the COVID-19 crisis hit in the middle of re-enrollment season. And while many schools have reported to ISM that their retention rate is strong despite the pandemic, still others tell us that the rate of return on their re-enrollment contracts is alarmingly low. Whether you feel cautiously optimistic or deeply concerned about your school’s current retention picture, ISM offers these tips to improve your re-enrollment outlook for the 2020–21 school year.

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Marketing Strategies to Use During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Advancement ● April 5, 2020

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are unknown for everyone. There are many questions about the right things to do, especially when it comes to marketing your school. We’ve compiled a list of suggestions. Some of these involve working with prospective families, others about uniting your current ones—all with the goal of strengthening your school community as a whole.

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Private Schools and the CARES Stimulus Package: What You Need to Know (Part 1)

School Heads ● March 30, 2020

On March 27, 2020, President Trump signed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES) into law. This bill is a $2 trillion economic stimulus law intended to provide immediate relief for individuals, nonprofits, businesses, and state and local governments. Below is our current understanding of what this law means for independent schools.

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Graduation and Other Year-End Events: How to Plan During the COVID-19 Pandemic

School Heads ● March 29, 2020

As the end of the school-year draws ever closer and campus buildings remain shuttered, there is an increasing urgency for school administrators to decide how best to handle traditional activities like commencement and honors ceremonies. School leaders need to create a delicate balance between appropriately honoring their students, while still managing the challenges and realities of the situation. ISM offers the following advice as you consider your year-end events and traditions.

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School Spotlight: How Sanford School Is Fostering Community During COVID-19

School Heads ● March 29, 2020

Almost every school is facing the reality of a new normal—managing student education while faculty, staff, and students work and study at home. It’s difficult for any school. However, we noticed that Sanford School, located just a few miles away from our home office, is receiving kudos from parents on the way it is managing the transition. We think you may find some inspiration for your strategies and tactics.

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Fundraising During COVID-19: Seven Actions You Can Take Now for Annual Giving

Advancement ● March 29, 2020

As a development professional, your challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic is to find new ways to be present for your school community, build and maintain critical personal relationships, and, ultimately, meet your revenue goals for the current year. How do you do that during this crisis? Here are a few suggestions.

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How Private Schools Can Prove ROI to Families

School Heads ● March 22, 2020

Enrollment management for private school leaders has become twofold—leaders must demonstrate value to bring new families into the school community while also engaging with current families. We recommend using the following steps to prove the value of your educational experience to families.

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