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Strengthening the Relationship Between the Head and Business Manager

School Heads ● November 6, 2019

When it comes to school finances, two voices are primarily in charge—the School Head and the Business Manager. These two roles must be on the same page and work together efficiently to protect the school’s viability. Use the following tips to strengthen your relationship so you’re able to protect the long-term interests of the school together.

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#BeReady: Communicating With Parents and Students About Crisis Situations

Private School News ● October 25, 2019

Schools must prepare to communicate before, during, and after all crisis situations—what is happening, why, and what students and parents must do when an event occurs. Each situation is unique and requires a defined, clear communications process in your school’s comprehensive crisis plan.

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International Student Agencies: What Your School Must Know

Private School News ● October 24, 2019

Many schools want to build an international student program—one that welcomes mission-appropriate international students to campus and provides a quality education while also supporting the school's admission and enrollment goals. So where do you start? Many schools turn to agencies.

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When the Outgoing Head Stays in the Community

Board of Trustees ● October 22, 2019

A Head who leaves your school and takes a position elsewhere is the most common scenario, but not the only one. Be wary of the situation created by the chief administrator who leaves the school but remains in the community—particularly a long-term and beloved Head who is going into retirement.

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What’s a Data Team and How Does It Support Your School?

Academic Leadership ● October 18, 2019

Data is one of the most vital things your school can collect. It’s easy to make assumptions about what students, parents, faculty, and staff actually want. But data, collected often and pragmatically, provides insight into what your constituencies really want and need.

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Inboarding Versus Onboarding: Know the Difference to Help Your Leaders Succeed

Academic Leadership ● October 17, 2019

You may have heard the terms inboarding and onboarding—and assumed they were the same. But these two terms refer to how to bring a person into the fold of your school, depending on their experience. Whether you’re starting a new role yourself or are supporting someone as they take on a leadership position, know the difference between these terms to help your leaders succeed.

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Can You Raffle Off Tuition as a Fundraiser?

Advancement ● October 10, 2019

Coming up with innovative ideas for fundraisers can be challenging. You want to pique your community’s interest, offer something that’s of value to them, and raise money for your school in the process. One idea might be to raffle off partial tuition as a fundraiser, perhaps as the ultimate item during your Auction Gala.

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