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School Head Leadership Skills to Consider Before Day One

School Heads // August 17, 2023

Taking on the headship of a school is hard. Even if you formerly held a teacher, administrator, or assistant leadership role, you still won’t know exactly what the School Head’s daily duties and responsibilities encapsulate—that is, until your day overflows with meetings, responsibilities, tasks, long hours, and decisions for which you will be held solely responsible.

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ISM Summer Learning Round-Up: Takeaways from ISM’s Summer Institute and Advancement Academy

School Leadership // August 17, 2023

Independent School Management (ISM) hosts professional development events for private school educators every summer. These events feature topics tailored to school positions—from workshops dedicated to new-to-positions (Admission, Marketing Communications), to transforming student assessment, to sustainable headship, to an entire week of learning dedicated to all things Advancement.

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ISM CFO/COO Named a 2023 Philadelphia Titan

ISM Announcements // July 14, 2023

Independent School Management (ISM) is pleased to announce Chip Cresswell, CFO/COO, as a 2023 Philadelphia Titan 100. The Titan 100 program recognizes Philadelphia’s Top 100 CEO’s & C-level executives. They are the area’s most accomplished business leaders in their industry using criteria that inclu...

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Stability Is Key for a Healthy School Culture

School Heads // June 25, 2023

Being a student-centered school means ensuring students are at the forefront of decision-making by adults. But for adults to be able to support students, they themselves need to be well-supported by school leaders who ensure the wellness of all adults on campus. A culture where there is predictab...

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Development Office Dilemma: Eliminating New Job Jitters

Fundraising // June 25, 2023

Starting a new job can be stressful. Navigating the unknowns while trying to fit in personally and professionally can fray even the strongest nerves! But new Development Directors have a leg up. They can offset the learning curve by transferring many of their skills to their new private school en...

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The Art of Conversation: a Key to Admission Success

Enrollment Management // June 25, 2023

The best way to begin any relationship is with conversation and active listening. As you plan your upcoming school year, consider ways to engage prospective families through intentional and personalized dialogue. Taking the time to engage each family in conversation demonstrates the high value yo...

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The Unexpected Mental Health Benefits of Makerspaces

Academic Leadership // June 4, 2023

No educator needs to be told there’s a student mental health crisis. Many causes have contributed to the drastic decline in student well-being, but a new study in the Journal of Pediatrics takes a different perspective. The study argued that the decrease in time allotted for independent student a...

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Pros and Cons of SEO vs. PPC For Your School

Marketing Communications // June 4, 2023

Purposeful marketing can help lead to full enrollment and even waitpools. But setting your budget and allocating expenses requires time, research, and, of course, careful attention to the efficacy of your various campaigns. ISM’s consulting experience suggests schools produce the best results whe...

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ISM Expands Its Advancement Consulting Team

ISM Announcements // June 4, 2023

ISM is thrilled to welcome two new full-time Consultants to our Advancement Team. Phil Higginson, IAP-L, joins ISM as a full-time development and fundraising Consultant on July 1. A nationally recognized independent school development leader, Phil brings tremendous experience in annual giving, ma...

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Getting Your Trustees on Board With Advancement Initiatives

Marketing Communications // May 21, 2023

A private-independent school’s sustainability is inextricably linked to its advancement efforts—that is, its ability to attract and retain aligned students and families and to raise philanthropic gifts that help fulfill its mission and vision. In many schools, advancement is synonymous with devel...

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