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"Are the demands on our Business Office outpacing its performance?"

An ISM Business Operations Assessment examines your operations and provides the solutions to keep the Business Office running smoothly.

An ISM Business Operations Assessment includes a thorough examination of documents you provide, followed by an on-site visit for interviews and analysis.

What We Do

We examine staffing structure, budget preparation, systems and procedures (including tuition collection), purchasing, cash management, criteria for Board and administrative financial reports, communication, and more. The final day on-site, our Consultant gives an oral presentation of findings and recommendations, as well as a written report.

Benefit to You

The workflow and procedures in your Business Office are optimized, so it is better able to support your school and its mission.

To find out more about Business Operations Assessment, e-mail Helen Foster, ISM's Consulting Coordinator, or call 302-656-4944 (ext. 134).

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