Business Certification Program

Independent School Management, Inc. has been writing, advising, and teaching in the critical area of business and operations. ISM is now pleased to offer practicing professionals in the field at private-independent schools professional certification. Achieving the ISM BCP certification demonstrates the individual’s thorough training and commitment to sound business operations specifically for private-independent schools. Experience, training, attendance at professional conferences, volunteerism, and peer review are all components leading to certification.

BCP offers three levels of certification based on progressively increasing requirements—Professional (BCP-P), Senior (BCP-S), and Executive (BCP-E). For a complete list of requirements, click here.

Business and Operations at ISM

ISM combines the best of critical thinking, research, and customized advice to help schools achieve and maintain operational excellence. ISM is active in:

  • Monitoring trends in education and carrying out original research;
  • Publishing books and articles on finance and operations in our management advisory letter, Ideas & Perspectives; and specialized collections such as e-letters;
  • Leading a wide variety of workshops during our Summer Institute program as well as throughout the year, in addition to conducting Webinars and podcasts on finance and operations topics;
  • Holding the ISM Business and Operations Academy in the fall;
  • Conducting finance and operations consultations directly with individual private-independent schools in a variety of areas including strategic planning, business/operations assessments, strategic analyses, management structure analyses, financial aid; and
  • Conducting surveys to understand the overall value proposition of the school to help with setting tuition and fees.

The ISM Business and Operations Academy

All Business Certification Program candidates are required to attend the ISM Business and Operations Academy in October. ISM developed it to support business and operations professionals in their diverse and difficult roles so that schools may enjoy stable operations. We exist to train, network, and support finance and operations professionals in private-independent schools.

The Academy offers candidates the opportunity to learn in areas across the spectrum of business, finance, and operations. Candidates each work with a faculty mentor and develop an action plan to put into place at their schools.

The Business and Operations Academy Faculty are distinguished members of the private-independent school business and operations community. ISM Consultants convene the Academy, lead the faculty, conduct learning sessions, and are available for conversation with candidates.

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