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Fees for Certification and Renewals

ISM provides the Business Certification Program as part of its larger service to private-independent schools. The peer evaluation of portfolios is a volunteer activity carried out by business professionals in the field. They are not compensated.

As such, there is only an administrative charge to cover the cost of the Registrar and associated actions. Payment can be made either by the individual or by the school on behalf of the individual. At the Professional level, ISM offers the certification at no cost.

Certification level Application fee Renewal fee
Professional No fee $250*
Senior $300 $300
Executive $425 $425

Note: Application and payment of fees is not a guarantee of certification. If ISM, at its sole discretion, does not provide certification to an individual, there will be no refund of fees. A new application will require fee payment again.


Given the emphasis on continuous professional development and to ensure that business and operations needs are met in a changing environment, ISM certification require that professionals demonstrate that they are staying in touch with developments in the field on a regular basis. Accordingly, certification is valid for a fixed period (five years) before requiring renewal.

Renewing your certificate at the current level assures both you and your school that you are connecting meaningfully with your peers, continuing to upgrade your skills and knowledge, and demonstrating competence at your school.

Renewal is a re-affirmation of the Guiding Principles, demonstration of your ongoing commitment to growth and renewal with an individual interview with one of our workshop mentors, and attendance at the Business year of renewal.

*Please note, the Professional level is only renewable for professionals who do not report to the School Head. Any business and operations professional reporting directly to the School Head must advance to the Senior level after five years. Once at the Senior level the professional may renew or advance the credential at their choosing.

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