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Stories to Inspire: Three Creative Teacher Induction Strategies

Vol. 11 No. 10

Last month, we talked to School Heads about the importance of adopting a year-long induction process for new teachers. Let’s allow that momentum to carry us onward and take a look at what other private-independent schools have done to inspire next year’s meetings and induction programs.

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Summer Reading for Division Heads: Recommended Books and Webinars

Vol. 11 No. 10

There’s a heat in the air, a humidity that refuses to lift, and an itch in your feet to walk on green grass rather than plush carpet. That’s right, summer’s here! While the classrooms are empty, there’s no need for learning to stop. So spend some time this summer catching up on your recommended reading and that professional development webinar you’ve been meaning to watch.

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Dear National Teacher Day: A Letter to First Year Teachers

Vol. 11 No. 9

National Teacher Day was May 6, and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate all of our teachers than to share a video made by Edutopia and SoulPancake featuring veteran teachers writing letters to themselves on their first day of school as a new teacher. (The transcript’s below, if you care to read instead of listen.)

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When Professional Development Is Useful for Your Teachers

Vol. 11 No. 9

In a past Division Head e-Letter, we shared examples of faculty professional development that didn’t make the most of in-service days. (In fact, it was borderline offensive!) Today, we’d like to take a moment to highlight some qualities of excellent professional development that comprise an enlightening experience for your faculty—and ultimately, your students.

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The Right Tool for the Right Job: Three Times to Call Instead of Emailing

Vol. 11 No. 8

The days when people used their cellphones to call their friends and co-workers are quickly fading. These days, a quick text or email is regarded as a replacement for good ol’ fashioned conversations. For busy Division Heads, email may seem like it was invented specifically for your hectic lives, enabling the quick dissemination of information and instructions to the whole school. But email isn’t always the right communication tool to use, and it certainly shouldn’t be your only contact method. We have three instances when you should avoid using email and go for the phone instead.

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Support Your Teachers in Their Race to the Finish Line!

Vol. 11 No. 8

There are dozens of articles on how teachers inspire and motivate students, but how can we reinvigorate the teachers? As close to the end of the school year as we are, teachers may feel overwhelmed with the high-stakes final grades and exams happening over the next two months. So, here are a few ways to keep your teachers up and at ‘em through the final bell.

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