divhead eletter Vol14 No9 election

Six Bipartisan Ways to Address the US Presidential Election at School

Vol. 13 No. 9

The United States presidential election has certainly heated up in the last month, and it doesn’t seem to be calming down any time soon. Chances are, the current political climate will still be as hot a topic in August as it is now. Considering how inflammatory rhetoric can seep into classrooms, we thought it best to take a moment to prepare for potentially difficult conversations with students without taking advantage of young minds’ malleability to leverage personal political opinions.

divhead eletter Vol14 No9 drugfree

Effective Initiatives That Help Keep Your Students Off Drugs

Vol. 13 No. 9

Last issue, we discussed public service announcements (PSAs) that were ineffective by modern standards for various reasons, including unclear calls-to-action and inaccurate scare tactics that irreverent teenagers were more likely to mock than to heed. Therefore, we thought we’d take some time in this issue to talk about the ways in which schools can help their student body achieve change.

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