academicleadership eletter Vol15 No3 outdoorlearnin

Strengthen Your Outdoor Education Program

Vol. 14 No. 3

Outdoor education has a long and distinguished history in private-independent schools. Whether it involves an annual trip or is a yearlong component of the curriculum, administrators cite various benefits to these programs: personal growth, development of social skills and self-confidence, health and fitness, teamwork, whole student education, fun and recreation, and enhancement of a positive school culture.

As you develop, expand, or assess your school’s own outdoor education program, determine how effectively you address these fundamental areas.

academicleadership eletter Vol15 No3 summercam

Maintaining Costs for Summer Program Directors

Vol. 14 No. 3

Summer programs are often run as completely separate educational programs regarding budgeting, scheduling, planning, curriculum, and staffing. Although part of your schools culture, and commonly sharing its mission, these programs typically don’t share budgets or administrative support. For the Summer Program Director with full-time responsibilities as part of the faculty or Administrative Team, the burden of the summer camp silo can be an overwhelming one.

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