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The Six Signs of a Toxic Teacher

Vol. 15 No. 4

You work closely with your faculty and staff every day within your school. You trust their judgement in the classroom, their desire to further your mission, and their dedication to helping your students succeed.

But sometimes a teacher in your school doesn’t quite fit the mold. Their actions aren’t always in line with the school's mission or the needs of the students. They negatively influence the faculty culture, spreading gossip in the teacher’s lounge or complaining during meetings.

academicleadership eletter Vol16 No4 incentive

Student Incentives: Do They Belong in Your School?

Vol. 15 No. 4

If you eat dinner, you get dessert. If you do your chores, you get an allowance. If you have perfect attendance for a full school year or get a certain grade on a test, you get a gift card?

Student incentives like the last example are becoming more commonplace in schools around the world. From small incentives (like stickers or school supplies) to behavioral incentives (such as pizza parties or free time) and even financial rewards, any incentive program within your school must make sense for your culture and your mission.

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