Put Some Fun Into Philanthropy

Vol. 11 No. 7

Peter Sagal, best known as the host of NPR’s very popular game show Wait, Wait … Don’t Tell Me!, says that “giving, altruism, is a pleasure, but it can be fun. But it also can not be fun. You have to find a way to let people enjoy, access the enjoyment of giving.”


Two Campaigns, Same TIME…What Do You Ask For?

Vol. 11 No. 7

Your annual fund is the foundation of all the fund-raising activities at your school. It is your primary source of charitable support, funded by the greatest number of your constituents, and it is where you build your school’s culture of philanthropy. Your annual fund lets you enhance your programs to give your students the best educational experience possible. So, what do you do when your school is simultaneously running a capital campaign for new buildings or an endowment? You can’t put your annual fund on hold. Do you ask for money twice?


Getting Your Viral Party Started

Vol. 11 No. 7

We’ve recently written a lot about the power of viral marketing. It is the easiest and most effective tool your school has for spreading its mission and attracting interest. All marketers agree, viral advertising is the oldest and most impressive form of communication. But just how do you get your school’s viral marketing party started?


Your Bad Social Media Habits

Vol. 11 No. 7

Remember a time before computers when all your papers had to be typed or handwritten? Remember how important is was then to have excellent grammar and penmanship? Those rules seem to have been forgotten, or at least forgiven, since social media and the urgency to communicate quickly and often have come into effect. Not really though. Readers are impressed with well-written, well thought-out messages.

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