Getting Your Viral Party Started

Vol. 11 No. 7

We’ve recently written a lot about the power of viral marketing. It is the easiest and most effective tool your school has for spreading its mission and attracting interest. All marketers agree, viral advertising is the oldest and most impressive form of communication. But just how do you get your school’s viral marketing party started?


Your Bad Social Media Habits

Vol. 11 No. 7

Remember a time before computers when all your papers had to be typed or handwritten? Remember how important is was then to have excellent grammar and penmanship? Those rules seem to have been forgotten, or at least forgiven, since social media and the urgency to communicate quickly and often have come into effect. Not really though. Readers are impressed with well-written, well thought-out messages.


Exit Interviews and Attrition Surveys

Vol. 11 No. 6

The design of your survey is critical. A poorly designed survey can result in ambiguous, irrelevant, or unreliable data. If your school is designing the survey in-house, make sure that someone with a solid background in survey design is involved in the project.


Cybertools for Easy Communication

Vol. 11 No. 6

Recently in ISM’s e-list for Admission Directors, one director wondered if anyone had used Eventbrite.com to promote open houses. Others offered up a recommendation for Paperlesspost.com. Both of these are online-only tools for greetings, notes, and invitations—communications that traditionally involved paper and postage. On one hand, communicating in cyberspace is cheap (mostly free), instant, and can be managed 24/7. On the downside, it may seem sterile, get lost as spam, and … can be managed 24/7. (If you can do your work round the clock, will you give yourself permission not to?)


Hangout: How to Build Ties to Young Donors

Vol. 11 No. 6

Millennials—young people born between 1979 and 1993—are likely part of your alumni base. Derrick Feldman and Kari Dunn Saratovsky, in their new book Cause for Change: The Why and How of Nonprofit Millennial Engagement, share what their research shows are the keys to attracting those young donors and volunteers. The alumni/ae of your school are often a great untapped source of support, and young alumni have the freshest memories of their experience as your students.


Ask the Expert

Vol. 11 No. 6

Q: “Should a Development Director’s salary be based on a percentage of funds raised?”

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