Fund-Raising Ideas for the Young at Heart

Vol. 12 No. 3

dog wash

How you raise money for your school is your full-time focus. It’s serious, driven work that can quickly consume your thoughts as well as your personal time. But not all your efforts have to be serious. Sure, your major campaigns and annual fund need to be as focused as possible, but there are some lighthearted, fun, even funny, ways you can set goals for your smaller fund drives. Here are a few ideas.

Silly rewards. Your donors like acknowledgment. (Most people like to be recognized, or at least thanked, for their contributions.) Silly rewards can be one way to “thank” everyone at once. For example, promise your donors that when you hit one of your mini-goals on the way to the overall goal, your School Head will shave his head; your school’s basketball team will break into spontaneous dance during half time; or you will sing a show tune over the intercom during morning updates. Humor can be very effective in inspiring people. But, you must deliver on your mini-goal promises.

Celebrate significant dates. Does your school have special anniversaries? Perhaps you celebrate the day it was founded, or the day your new gym was completed, or you acknowledge your school’s first graduating class. If you’re celebrating the graduating class of ‘85, ask alumni to donate $85 in honor of the day. If you’re celebrating August 19, the day your school was founded, ask donors to give $19. You see where we’re going with this? Small drives might not generate enough for a new science wing, but when combined with larger efforts, it all adds up.

Throw a hodgepodge event. Consider elaborating on one of your fund-raising events. For example, if you host an alumni ball each year, consider combining it with an auction or bingo or an art exhibit. Or, consider merging your annual bake sale with a pie-eating contest or cupcake decorating bake-off. Combined events add flavor, attracting different families.

Invite furry friends. The idea of student-run car washes is nothing new. Change it up by inviting your families to include their four-legged friends and host a dog wash. You could expand the idea by including a local animal shelter that will help you advertise the event and gain local interest.

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