admissions eletter Vol13 No10 emptyseats

Summer Enrollment: Motivation Matters Most

Vol. 13 No. 10

Summer vacation’s almost here for your faculty and students, but you may still have seats to fill, turning your school’s empty nest into a full house of mission-appropriate students. But how do you engage families during a time when classrooms are empty, teachers are away from campus, and your contractor’s placed “Do Not Enter” signs around the renovations?

Don’t worry! Amy Riley, ISM Consultant and Academic Dean for our IACP certification, has a few ideas on how to turn a hot mess of summer visits into an effective recruitment program.

admissions eletter Vol13 No10 preK

Boosting Abysmal Interdivisional Re-enrollment Rates

Vol. 13 No. 10

Not too long ago on the Admission Officer e-List, someone mentioned a struggle to retain students from the preschool/day care program into the school’s kindergarten classroom. While parents had not complained about the school’s care or education of their children, enrollment from the preK program to Kindergarten was incredibly low.

If your school struggles with a similar retention issue between grade divisions, the solution may lie in your communication strategy.

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