Top Ten Admission Articles of 2014

Vol. 13 No. 5

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Over the past year, we’ve written about everything from perpetual enrollment to the contents of your school’s welcome packet—and we’ll be sure to cover more hot topics in the year to come. Before we move on, though, let's look back to the top-read articles in the Admission e-Letter over the past year.

1. Open House Tips and Tricks

Vol. 13 No. 2

Why we’ve included it: Last year, several Admission Officers turned to our e-List to learn how other schools handled their open houses, and we compiled the best insights your peers had to offer. Their advice might guide your planning for future events.

2. 4 Reasons Why You’re Chasing Re-enrollments

Vol. 13 No. 3

Why we’ve included it: Convincing parents to re-enroll on time drives everyone batty. The trick to a better re-enrollment season is to understand why people are dragging their feet in the process—and then to address the problem. For those of you experiencing similar problems, we’ve added this article for quick reference.

(For a more in-depth examination on re-enrollments, sign up for our January 21st Webinar, Stop Chasing Re-Enrollment Contracts.)

3. Emotional “Banking”: Evaluating Unfit Applicants

Vol. 12 No. 10

Why we’ve included it: Offering a tour for families that will clearly—in your mind—be declined for admission can feel dishonest, but if you discourage a family before they apply, it opens your school to liability for denial of due process. This situation can occur at any time, in any context, and understanding the value of “emotional banking” can help mitigate any trouble.

4. “Welcome!” Now What?—What You Send to Accepted Students

Vol. 12 No. 7

Why we’ve included it: It’s almost that time of year again, when you get to put a smile on many faces with acceptance letters! Of course, the question remains: what materials will you give them (and how), which this article answers quite neatly.

5. 7 Admission Videos You Don’t Want to Miss

Vol. 13 No. 1

Why we’ve included it: As plans for next year’s marketing materials are formed, consider adding a video to your agenda. This collection of interesting admission videos from private schools around the country proves that you can create interesting, engaging content—even if you don’t have access to Pixar’s studios.

6. Double Trouble: Dealing With Siblings in Your Applicant Pool

Vol. 12 No. 8

Why we’ve included it: What happens when a current student’s sibling isn’t a good fit for your school? If you've come across this particularly rough situation, read this article again to avoid sinking in this parent-relations mire.

7. Admission and Development Go Hand in Hand

Vol. 12 No. 6

Why we’ve included it: The new year is a time to turn over new leaves, and that can mean starting new relationships with other offices on campus. This article offers a glimpse into the mindset of a Development Officer, in the hopes that you can see the beneficial partnership and work together to encourage the growth of your school.

(A quick aside—we host an Advancement Academy every summer specifically to facilitate this sort of teamwork within your school. We invite you, your Development Office, and your school’s marketers for five days of intensive, hands-on workshops that culminate in a custom action plan for the coming school year.)

8. “Admission” Versus “Admissions”

Vol. 13 No. 4

Why we’ve included it: There’s a very polite-yet-heated debate that runs as an undercurrent beneath conversations among Admission Officers from varied institutions—whether one should use an extra “s” or leave the word “Admission” bare. You can probably guess ISM’s stance on the subject based on the name of our e-Letter, but it’s worth taking a look at some other perspectives on this interesting question.

9. Perpetual Enrollment: Is It Right for Your School?

Vol. 12 No. 9

Why we’ve included it: Technology has enabled us to automate so many processes: automatic password fillers, monthly bill payments, and even regular donations drawn straight from our bank accounts. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that perpetual enrollment, then, has become a hot topic for Admission Officers—especially as fantasies about tackling errant parents for their contracts become more and more appealing during re-enrollment season.

But just because you can do something doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. Use the information in this article to decide for yourself whether perpetual enrollment is a good thing to implement next year.

10. Sink or Swim: Making Your Wait Pool Tolerable

Vol. 12 No. 6

Why we’ve included it: Finally, remember those students left waiting for a final admission decision in your wait pool. How you handle them can have a large effect via word-of-mouth on your applications for next year—so take a moment to refresh your memory on excellent wait pool management techniques.

What were some of your favorite articles from 2014? What would you like to hear more about in 2015? Tell us in the comment section, or tweet us @isminc!

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