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New Fundraising Report Suggests Organizations Suffer Donor Attrition

Vol. 14 No. 5

The Association of Fundraising Professionals recently released its tenth annual survey, the 2015 Fundraising Effectiveness Survey Report (FEP). While it’s not specifically geared toward private-independent schools, its findings—particularly those surrounding donor attrition and retention—offer some intriguing fundraising opportunities for organizations who care to pay attention.

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Four Steps to Donor Personas

Vol. 14 No. 5

Buyer personas are useful marketing tools for businesses, as they break down a typical customer's likes, dislikes, attitudes, and habits. Similarly, "donor personas" help the Development Office better identify and appeal to potential donors—but you have to craft them first. Take these four steps to write donor personas that help you craft effective, poignant communication with those who want to help your school grow.

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Two Reasons Why Families (Might) Leave Your School

Vol. 14 No. 5

It’s January, which means there’s a fresh crop of potential student applications piled on your desk, waiting to be evaluated. While you’re combing through these forms, you’ve got a second form of recruitment this spring to remember: Re-recruitment. Just because your students currently attend your school doesn’t mean that they’ll automatically plan to return this fall. Here, then, are two reasons why families may choose not to re-enroll at your school for the 2016-2017 academic year.

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Pictures Are Worth a Thousand Words—Or a Thousand Student Applications

Vol. 14 No. 5

Pictures spice up plain text and lead to greater audience attention. (There’s a reason why we publish Source articles with images!) They’re an important part of your communications strategy, and should be used, well, strategically. Images tell your school's story in ways that other mediums cannot. Pictures document moments and connect viewers to the spirit, energy, and excitement of your school's programming.

So grab your camera and become a new-age bard by using these storytelling tips through the photos you select to attract interest and investment in your school.

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