4 Ways to Encourage Sensitive Faculty Solicitation

Vol. 15 No. 2

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We all understand and appreciate the importance of faculty participation in the overall effectiveness a school’s various fundraisers and capital campaigns. It serves as a signal to other donors that the teachers believe so much in the school’s educational work that they’re willing to sacrifice their time and money to ensure it continues.

However, faculty solicitation requires a delicate touch. So this month, we’ll talk about four ways in which to sensitively ask your teachers and other staff members to contribute.

1. Show them the power of participation.

You’ve seen how impressive high participation metrics can change the mind of a donor who’s on the fence about giving large amounts of money to a school. Therefore, change your messaging to teachers to be more about the act itself, rather than the actual dollar amount raised by the teachers.

2. Remind them how their careers have been enhanced by the school’s other capital initiatives.

If your faculty enjoy a robust field trip program or special speakers, then remind them that these events and guests are funded through fundraising. If your facilities were recently upgraded to allow for more effective and comfortable learning environments, then point out these upgrades.

The point here is to show teachers that their contributions aren’t wasted—they are actively contributing to the benefit of their school environment.

3. Ask your administrators and Trustees first.

Don’t ask your employees to do anything that their bosses and employers haven’t already done. The Board of Trustees and your administrators—yourself included—absolutely must be among the first and best donors to the school. Lead by example!

4. Find your faculty ambassadors.

People respond better when it’s their peers—those who can empathize with their problems and appreciate their victories—who ask for favors. Therefore, find your faculty ambassadors in those who have a history of giving to the school and truly embracing your development program. Have these people make the pitches and collections, as they’re the ones best equipped to solicit these donations.

How has your school solicited faculty donations in the past? Share your trials and your triumphs in the comment section below!

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