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Tips for Working With International Student Agents

Vol. 15 No. 3

International students bring not only revenue to private schools, but an enhanced level of culture to the overall student experience. Over the past decade, international K–12 programs have seen significant growth throughout the U.S. Assisting K–12 schools with this growth are numerous International Student Broker (Agent) firms and independent consultants. Although schools don’t need to partner with brokers to enhance or initiate exchange student and international study programs, most of the schools ISM works with for international student insurance report using agents to help place students, along with other associated tasks. Through our insurance relationships, we have compiled the following five tips for working with an International Student Broker.

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Obtaining Reliable Data From Surveys to Guide Your Decision-Making

Vol. 15 No. 3

A common and quite costly mistake schools make is to base decisions on unreliable sources, from a small group of vocal parents who claim that “everyone” feels the same way, or national trends that may or may not apply to your school. The key to avoiding this mistake is to assume nothing. Costly examples include the assumption that families are leaving because of the cost of tuition or because you don’t have a swimming pool; that new families aren’t enrolling because the lower school entrance needs a million-dollar makeover; or that parents all want a Mandarin program (and should thus have one).

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