advancement eletter Vol15 No7 unskippablevideo

How to Create Unskippable Videos

Vol. 15 No. 7

Video is a strong medium to incorporate into your school’s advertising mix. After all, what better way to communicate your school’s story than by showing a day in the life of your students? Therefore, the question isn’t if you should focus on video marketing. You absolutely should! Instead, ask yourself: How do we create videos that capture and hold viewers’ attention, generating buzz and interest in our school?

advancement eletter Vol15 No7 checklist

An Audit Checklist Keeps Your Parent Association on Track!

Vol. 15 No. 7

When the Parent Association is clear about the role it plays, this organization constitutes one of your school’s strongest assets. Its mission is to support the school’s strategic and operational goals. An annual audit of the association’s functions and responsibilities keeps it on track and avoids potential problems.

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