advancement eletter Vol16 No6 analytics

Using Analytics to Improve Your Marketing Communications Efforts

Vol. 16 No. 6

It’s no longer enough to create content, pop it onto your website, and hope it attracts mission-appropriate students and families to your school. You must have a content strategy in place to create and distribute content effectively. Many teams have created such a strategy but forget an extremely important aspect—measurement and analytics.

advancement eletter Vol16 No6 schoolparty

Host a Preview Party to Boost Enrollment

Vol. 16 No. 6

You’re no stranger to tight competition when it comes to student enrollment at private-independent schools. While you work diligently to offer admission to mission-appropriate students, they must then decide to enroll at your school over others in the marketplace.

One way to encourage enrollment once offers have been extended is to host a preview party. A preview party invites all students to whom you’ve offered entrance to come to campus, meet members of your faculty and staff, and gain a sense of your unique school community.

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