Hard Hat Tour—Show and Tell For You

Vol. 8 No. 7

In addition to being a fun event, a hard-hat tour gives you an opportunity for ongoing communication with your constituents—show them how their support and donations are making a difference in the mission of your school. You will be able to:

  • Talk about your school's programs and how they will be enhanced with this new construction
  • Clarify why this project is critical to the school's mission, since it requires so much time, energy, and attention to "get it done"
  • Demonstrate that the school is committed to up-to-date facilities that enhance educational programs
  • Show donors how their money is being used, and that the school is a good steward of its resources
  • Debunk fears that the new building will cause a tuition increase
  • Deepen the culture of philanthropy at your school

Your hard-hat tour can involve your entire student community. You can order hard hats in all sizes, from child to adult. You can set up a large event, such as a breakfast featuring short talks by the architect, head of the construction company, the Board President, and the School Head. Arrange for small group tours in a "safe viewing area" your construction company establishes, which give you the chance to deliver your message. Plus, you can have a "standing" time for tours—such as Sunday from 1-3 pm through the month of May—when anyone can meet with you to see the construction progress.

Keeping your constituents in the loop on your construction project. This internal marketing effort will pay off right away and in the future.

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