development eletter Vol14 No9 development salary

Don’t “Raise Your Salary": Defending Your Pay as a Development Director

Vol. 14 No. 9

At private schools and other nonprofit organizations with Development Offices, there can be an expectation—written or understood—that a Development Director must raise a certain amount of money above his or her salary to be considered “good” or “worth the school’s investment.” This logic is toxic and encourages a flawed approach to fundraising that can fundamentally interfere with your ability to fulfill your job.

development eletter Vol14 No9 auction

Three Steps to Scoring Profitable Items for Your School’s Auction

Vol. 14 No. 9

School auctions can be a fun—and profitable!—way to connect with donors while raising money for school programs. However, not all auction items are created equal, either in terms of monetary value or their popularity with donors. So this month, we'd like to offer a three-step process to securing the items your school community truly wants to bid on.

admission eletter Vol14 No9 fair practice

“Fair” Admission Practices: The School and the Applicant

Vol. 14 No. 9

Most children go through a phase in which they are obsessed with what’s “fair,” with an almost martial adherence to rules and equitable division of resources. As they grow older, though, children slowly realize that true fairness is often an impossibility—or rather, that “fairness” means different things to different people. So, if “fairness” does not mean the same thing to everyone, what does a “fair” private-school admission process look like at a mission-driven school?

admission eletter Vol14 No9 graduates

Three Ways Graduating Students Support Advancement

Vol. 14 No. 9

Graduating season is fast approaching! The entire school should be abuzz as it prepares to wish your senior students well on the next step of their academic careers—including your Admission Office. Graduating students represent vital advancement opportunities that your office should be grabbing with both hands.

development eletter Vol14 No8 milestonecelebration

Eight Ideas for School Milestones

Vol. 14 No. 8

Does your school have a special milestone approaching? Such anniversaries offer an excellent opportunity to ramp up advancement efforts. Start planning for those special years, and take advantage of the community spirit to push your school’s advancement plans to the next level.

development eletter Vol14 No8 graphicwheel

Infographic: Charitable Giving in the United States for 2015

Vol. 14 No. 8

In terms of private dollar donations, the United States gives more money to charity than any other country. According to The Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies’ comparative report for 36 countries, Americans gave 1.85% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) in donations from 1995–2002. While Americans are generous with their fiscal resources, the question remains whether the average donation dollar tends toward your type of nonprofit: A private-independent school.

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