advancement eletter Vol16 No7 firstste

The First Step of Any Successful Fundraising Campaign

Vol. 16 No. 7

Your case statement is a core element of every fundraising campaign. This marketing tool communicates with donors and prospects, and begins the process of matching their values and interests with your school’s mission and guiding principles.

advancement eletter Vol16 No7 leaveschool

Three Crucial Truths to Uncover During Exit Interviews

Vol. 16 No. 7

A family can choose to leave your school for many different reasons. It’s up to the Admission office to determine why—and surface any underlying financial or culture issues that might be plaguing your school, causing families to choose other educational institutions.

advancement eletter Vol16 No6 analytics

Using Analytics to Improve Your Marketing Communications Efforts

Vol. 16 No. 6

It’s no longer enough to create content, pop it onto your website, and hope it attracts mission-appropriate students and families to your school. You must have a content strategy in place to create and distribute content effectively. Many teams have created such a strategy but forget an extremely important aspect—measurement and analytics.

advancement eletter Vol16 No6 schoolparty

Host a Preview Party to Boost Enrollment

Vol. 16 No. 6

You’re no stranger to tight competition when it comes to student enrollment at private-independent schools. While you work diligently to offer admission to mission-appropriate students, they must then decide to enroll at your school over others in the marketplace.

One way to encourage enrollment once offers have been extended is to host a preview party. A preview party invites all students to whom you’ve offered entrance to come to campus, meet members of your faculty and staff, and gain a sense of your unique school community.

advancement eletter Vol16 No5 contentvalue

The Information Parents Value Most

Vol. 16 No. 5

The Marketing and Communications Office is a driving force in providing information about your school to parents. But how do parents prefer to receive this information?

advancement eletter Vol16 No5 campustour

Three Steps for Successfully Turning an Inquiry Into a Campus Visit

Vol. 16 No. 5

Parents often contact multiple private-independent schools when choosing where to send their child.

Parents can make an inquiry to your school by phone, via email, through your website, or by way of social media. Your job as a member of the Admission Office is to turn that inquiry into a campus visit, where you can show your school in action.

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