advancement eletter Vol15 No7 unskippablevideo

How to Create Unskippable Videos

Vol. 15 No. 7

Video is a strong medium to incorporate into your school’s advertising mix. After all, what better way to communicate your school’s story than by showing a day in the life of your students? Therefore, the question isn’t if you should focus on video marketing. You absolutely should! Instead, ask yourself: How do we create videos that capture and hold viewers’ attention, generating buzz and interest in our school?

advancement eletter Vol15 No7 checklist

An Audit Checklist Keeps Your Parent Association on Track!

Vol. 15 No. 7

When the Parent Association is clear about the role it plays, this organization constitutes one of your school’s strongest assets. Its mission is to support the school’s strategic and operational goals. An annual audit of the association’s functions and responsibilities keeps it on track and avoids potential problems.

advancement eletter Vol15 No6 grandparents

Planning a Grandparents Day to Bond With These Key Supporters

Vol. 15 No. 6

Many schools show their appreciation through an annual Grandparents Day—often expanded to Grandparents and Special Friends Day so all students can invite someone who is important in their lives.

This can be one of the most important —and enjoyable—days of the year. In some instances, school leaders report, it’s so special that grandparents travel hundreds of miles to attend. Perhaps you’re considering adding this event to your school’s calendar, or updating your current Grandparents Day.

advancement eletter Vol15 No6 apps

Three Fundraising Apps Worth Checking Out

Vol. 15 No. 6

Today’s world moves fast. How we reach donors, capture their attention, pique their interests enough so they support our causes, and make our cause accessible to them is constantly changing. Technology has reshaped the way we access and manage a good portion of our daily lives, and certainly that includes the way we manage fundraising. These apps could be the answer your looking for in your campaigns.

advancement eletter Vol15 No5 facebookads

Facebook Ads Strengthen Your School’s Story

Vol. 15 No. 5

Facebook is the go-to social media outlet for sharing your messages, offers, and events with your community. The once free social giant has changed its algorithm several times over the years, making communications more challenging for companies and losing some of it’s support along the way. However, it remains at the top of the pyramid for social advertising strategies, so we are forced to reignite our love for its capabilities.

advancement eletter Vol15 No5 junkmail

Your School’s Newsletter: Is It Informational or Considered Junk Mail?

Vol. 15 No. 5

Regardless of whether your school sends out an electronic or printed newsletter, if it’s not perceived as informational and relevant, it may be seen as just another piece of junk mail. And, if your families, faculty, and staff aren’t reading it, then they’re missing what you’re trying to share with them.

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