trustees eletter vol16 no10 fundraisin

The Profiled Board and Fundraising

Vol. 16 No. 10

It's often unclear to Trustees, particularly those members new to the Board, what their fundraising duties comprise.

trustees eletter vol16 no10 summerretreat

The Basics of Your Board’s Summer Retreat

Vol. 16 No. 10

Your Board must avoid getting bogged down in day-to-day decisions and obligations. It cannot lose sight of its primary responsibility—to maintain the essential character and integrity of the school and ensure that it remains viable to serve the children of today’s students. An annual Board retreat provides the opportunity to devote a day specifically to planning for the future.

trustees eletter vol16 no9 vote

When the Board President Should (and Shouldn’t) Vote

Vol. 16 No. 9

The Board President is the person responsible for conducting Board meetings. Often, however, the President is torn between the desire to express personal views on an issue and the need to generate and moderate discussion in an unbiased manner.

trustees eletter vol16 no9 novolunteer

Some Jobs Aren’t Made for Volunteers

Vol. 16 No. 9

You can’t imagine how your staff would complete various tasks without the support of your trusted volunteers. However, some of them are performing potentially dangerous work. As a Trustee, you and your fellow Board members should make sure the school has a policy concerning volunteers and their work on your campus.

trustees eletter vol16 no8 interimhead

How Will You Recognize the Qualified Interim Head?

Vol. 16 No. 8

Your School Head of 20 years is about to retire and your Search Committee has been unable to find a new Head who “fits” your school’s current strategic goals. You’ve decided to select an Interim Head, a temporary position for the upcoming school year, until a new Head can be found for the following year.

trustees eletter vol16 no8 iceber

Nine ‘Icebergs’ That Can Sink Your Ship

Vol. 16 No. 8

As an experiment, ISM suggests that your Board list the top strategies or actions you would take if you wanted your school to fail utterly. Then put systems and processes into place to avoid these scenarios. The following nine ‘icebergs’ are likely to sink your ship, resulting in insolvency, weakened organizational stability, and increased bureaucracy.

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