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Remedies for a ‘Fractured’ Board

Vol. 14 No. 2

When a Board’s internal problems keep it from moving forward in its responsibilities to the school, the Board President and Trustee leadership must act. The various forms of a “fractured” Board are often caused by members who bring their own agendas, have a bureaucratic mind-set, or focus on their own children’s issues rather than on the best interests of all students.

As the Board President, ask yourself and your Board-leadership colleagues the following series of questions. These will help you identify the problem areas that cause a fractured Board, and offer remedies to keep your school moving forward.

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Indicators of School Crime and Safety for 2015 Boards

Vol. 14 No. 2

In July, the National Center of Education Statistics (NCES) released its annual report, "Indicators of School Crime and Safety: 2014." The report includes research on bullying and cyber-bullying, weapons on school property, victimization, teacher injury, and other crime and safety-related topics—all of which should be priorities for the Board to anticipate and address.

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