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Should You Waive Bylaws to Keep Wealthy Trustees on the Board?

Vol. 15 No. 3

The Chair of the Committee on Trustees has proposed expanding the Board by asking several wealthy members to continue their terms indefinitely. The goal is to “keep them actively involved with the school.” However, the Board’s bylaws specify that, at the end two consecutive terms, a Board member must sit out for one year.

The Chair believes that having these Trustees directly involved as Board members is critical. The school plans to kick off the silent phase of a multimillion-dollar capital campaign this school year, and the strategic plan calls for another campaign four years later. Keeping them on the Board is bound to yield larger gifts, she feels.

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Parent and Trustee? Tread Carefully!

Vol. 15 No. 3

You’re at the grocery store, in the park, or at church. Another parent from your child’s school walks up and says, “What do you think of the way the Board is handling the dress code issue?”

Of course, as a tuition-paying parent, you have an opinion. Your first thought is to respond, “It’s really disappointing. I can’t imagine what’s gotten into them!” However, you’ve just become a Board member. Now what?

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