trustees eletter Vol15 No5 searchcommittee

The Search Committee’s Responsibilities

Vol. 13 No. 5

As your school begins the search for a new School Head, the Board should assemble a Search Committee to define and guide the search process, keep the search on task and on schedule, and move the process to closure. Always keep in mind that this committee’s focus is on making recommendations—the final decision rests with the full Board.

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Action Minutes Turn Good Intentions Into Accomplishments

Vol. 13 No. 5

Beyond your formal minutes from Board meetings, you should also have “action minutes” that capture casual suggestions or observations and turn them into agreed-upon tasks. For example, during the course of a discussion, a Board member might say, “Great idea—we should look into it,” or “Lori’s committee could tackle that project.” Three meetings later, you realize there’s been no follow-up. Or, worse yet, everyone’s forgotten the matter entirely.

trustees eletter vol13 no4 sharinginformation

Sharing Board Information With Constituents

Vol. 13 No. 4

Maintaining appropriate communication with parents, faculty, and the Management Team can help ease the pressure on Trustees to share what has occurred during a meeting. Board members are often bombarded in the school parking lot, grocery store, or even online to divulge information they may not be at liberty to discuss. When constituents know that they will be provided with reliable, relevant information on a consistent basis, they are less likely to probe the Board members one-to-one.

trustees eletter vol13 no4 recruitingtrustees

Re-recruiting Experienced Trustees

Vol. 13 No. 4

The Board has completed the Board’s profile, identifying the skills and experience needed to bring the next stage of the school’s strategic plan to fruition. Now it’s time to determine who can best fill those roles.

trustees eletter vol13 no3 trusteefeild

The Board’s Role in Faculty Culture

Vol. 13 No. 3

Board-level strategic support of a healthy, growth-oriented faculty culture is critical for your school to sustain long-term programmatic excellence. The outcome of a healthy faculty culture is sustained/enhanced student performance, enthusiasm, and satisfaction.

The faculty is, however, an operational responsibility and you, as a Trustee, should not interfere in teachers’ daily work. So, what are the strategic ways in which you can aid the School Head and Management Team in ensuring a healthy culture? What resources can you, as a Trustee, provide? Here are four key variables for your consideration.

trustees eletter vol13 no2 steamahead

Must Tuition Outpace Inflation?

Vol. 13 No. 2

Boards often confront the issue of sustainability of private-independent schools, now and in the future. One common concern is that private school tuitions have historically outpaced inflation—a well-documented truth. The real question is whether this leads to the demise of private schools. To answer this question, we’ll need to explore several factors.

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