trustees eletter vol15 no2 teachershortage

The Impending Teacher Shortage

Vol. 15 No. 2

It’s clear from the recently released report from ACT, The Condition of Future Educators 2015, that the nation faces a teacher shortage in coming years. ACT has conducted research on career and college preparation since its founding in 1959, releasing their annual report every August. The most recent report focused specifically on students showing an interest in a career in education. The results are not promising.

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Encouraging Ideal Trustees to Serve Again

Vol. 15 No. 2

A profiled Board includes Trustees who collectively possess the skills, expertise, clout, and financial resources to enable a school to fulfill its mission. The Committee on Trustees is charged with developing and maintaining this “profile” based on the requirements of the school’s planning documents. A key element in this process is re-recruiting Trustees who fit the profile.

trustees eletter vol15 no1 DOlapse

Don’t Let Your D&O Lapse!

Vol. 15 No. 1

Although private-independent schools rarely lack D&O insurance, it is prudent to be aware of your insurance’s cost, limits of coverage, policy specifics, retroactive date and exclusions—and, of course, its renewal deadline.

trustees eletter vol15 no1 planma

5 Strategic Planning Detours You Must Avoid

Vol. 15 No. 1

When in the process of strategic planning for your school, you want to continue the favorable growth of your school. In conducting this session, however, don’t allow the momentum of understandably favorable feelings to sidetrack your process from a truly strategic path.

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Planning Your Annual Summer Board Retreat

Vol. 14 No. 10

Your Board of Trustees experiences little “down time,” constantly dealing with challenging issues, from Head evaluation and donor cultivation to crisis management and policy setting. The Board can easily lose sight of its primary responsibility—to uphold the essential character and integrity of the school, and to ensure that your school remains viable to serve the children of today’s students. The annual summer Board retreat provides time for a devoted effort for planning.

To make your current process more effective, ask and answer the following nine key questions to guide your thinking.

trustees eletter Vol14 No9 financial crisis

How to Prepare for a Financial Crisis

Vol. 14 No. 9

Considering our fragile national economy, it’s prudent to include a financial contingency plan for your school’s worst-case scenario in your strategic planning documents. While each school’s particular situation determines the plan’s specific details, there are common characteristics each private school should include. As Board President, charge an ad hoc committee to craft your plan. ISM suggests the following example for inclusion in your document.

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