Green Corner: Holistic Allergy Treatments

Vol. 11 No. 8

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Allergy season is well underway. As trees and flowers wake up to greet longer days, so are allergy symptoms for nearly 35 millions Americans. It’s a beautiful time of year—but for sufferers, it’s misery. Sniffles, sneezes, watery eyes, itchy throat, constant drowsiness, headaches, and sinus pressure are just some of the reasons for long lines at the pharmacy counter. Here are some natural remedies to help ease seasonal symptoms—and hopefully reduce your wait at the pharmacy and strain on your wallet.

Local Honey: There’s not much science to how honey combats allergies, but allergy sufferers Web-wide claim that it really works. The logic is simple—bees feed on pollens in your area and produce honey; you consume the honey, which acts like a mini-allergy shot. Added benefit—it’s delicious!

Acupuncture: Doctors don’t unanimously agree as to why acupuncture helps alleviate symptoms, but most agree, if treatments begin a month before peak allergy season, suffers will benefit. Medical professionals assume that acupuncture works by stimulating some of the meridians (channels through which energy flows), which may help relax overactive immune systems that lead to allergy symptoms.

Air purifiers: Using a HEPA filter—especially at night while you sleep—helps to remove spores and pollen from the air that can cause allergy suffers the most trouble.

Neti pots: Both Western and Eastern doctors agree that rinsing your nasal cavities with saline rinses will help to relieve symptoms. Neti pots wash allergens and irritants by flushing your sinuses. Solutions can be bought or homemade.

Quercetin: This is a natural antihistamine found in the skin of onions and apples. You can buy the substance by itself at most health food stores, or in combination products such as NOW and Aller-C. Check with your doctor before taking any product with Quercetin though. It can interact with certain antidepressants and thyroid medications.

For more holistic allergy treatments read the Women’s Day article, 10 All-Natural Allergy Remedies.

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