Green Corner: Tips for a Cool Summer

Vol. 11 No. 9

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Tips originally published by WebMd

It’s summertime! In honor of the season, we want to leave our readers with some healthy tips for enjoying the great outdoors. No matter what region you live in, these green living tips from WebMD will help you stay safe while exploring and relaxing outdoors, save money on your cooling expenses, and make a dent in your carbon footprint.

While outdoors, wear clothes in natural fabrics. Natural fabrics breathe easier than synthetic fibers and naturally wick moisture away from the body.

Skip heavy, protein-rich meals. Protein-rich meals warm your body up, and stovetop and oven cooking warms your home up. Eating lighter including salads, fruits, and sandwiches, can help keep your body and your home temperatures down.

Stay hydrated. Water is the best choice you can make while exerting yourself in the sun. Beverages with caffeine and alcohol promote dehydration, so try to avoid mixing these with the sun, or drink plenty of water.

Carry a spritzer. Cooling off is important. Keep your body refreshed by wrapping a wet bandana around your head or by carrying a water spritzer and frequently spraying yourself down. This is especially important if you’re spending long hours in the sun.

Do your laundry at night. Appliances such as washers, dryers, and irons not only use a lot of energy, but can also quickly heat your home. Plan to use these at night when the temperatures drop. You may also consider boycotting your dryer altogether and hang your clothes to dry instead.

Keep your refrigerator full. Refrigerators that are full don’t warm up as quickly when the door is opened, so they require less energy to stay cool.

Shade your air conditioner. Don’t locate central air conditioners in direct sunlight. If yours is, try planting shady bushes around it to help eliminate some of the direct rays. For window units, place them on the north side of your home. A shaded air conditioner uses up to 10% less energy than one not shaded.

Change your air conditioner filter. A dirty filter makes the unit run longer. Clean or change your filter every month or so during the summer.

Seal your ducts. Sealing leaks and ducts in your home can cut your energy usage up to 70% for both heating and cooling (depending on where you live). Leaky ducts account for 25% of cooling costs in an average home.

For more green living tips to get you through the summer read the full article on WebMD.

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