Ask Michael

Vol. 11 No. 5

Q: Our school is thinking about instituting a merit pay plan. How would you recommend putting this in place?


Building Confidence and Taking the Pressure Off

Vol. 11 No. 5

We know that part of a school leader’s job is to build up the confidence of faculty and staff—helping “set them up” for success. A recent story reminded us, though, that sometimes we also need to build up the confidence of those whom we assume are already very confident: the Head’s direct reports and other senior professionals at the school.


After a Tragedy

Vol. 11 No. 4

The shootings in Newtown, CT, have certainly shaken us all. Schools are taking a step back and wondering how they would react if such a tragedy affected their campus. On the ISM e-Lists, schools are chatting about crisis and evacuation plans, and how to communicate the events with students, while sending prayers and blessings to the victims.

green feet

Green Corner: The Truth About LED Lights

Vol. 11 No. 4

Light Emitting Diode (LED) light technology has been around since the 70s in most electronics such as alarm clocks, VCRs, and microwaves. Although it’s been known that LED lighting is more cost effective, low luminosity and high cost of manufacturing has kept it from becoming a main source for home lighting.


Knowing When You Need to Let Someone Go

Vol. 11 No. 4

You’ve had a wonderful holiday break—lots of quality time with family and friends, special meals and celebrations, and even a little quiet time to reflect on the events of the year. You feel very content and relaxed—except for one thought that’s nagging at you. “I’ve really got to do something about Dolores (or Bob).” The thought makes you anxious and sad at the same time, and you push it from your mind (at least for the moment). But eventually, you know you need to deal with the issue. Here are a few thoughts to help you start down the path that you know in your heart of hearts is necessary for all concerned.


The Gift of Simplicity

Vol. 11 No. 4

During the holiday season, there is great focus on gift-giving—often accompanied by the adage, “It’s the thought that counts.” Taking this as our theme, we wanted to share a few thoughts about one of the best gifts you can give your school community—the gift of simplicity.

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