businessmanager eletter Vol14 No7 summerwork

Helping Students Find Summer Work

Vol. 14 No. 7

As March turns to April, the summer season feels closer than ever—which means your students may be anticipating seasonal employment. Perhaps you’ve heard murmurings from faculty or parents that the school should formalize relationships with community employers of students.

Such a project requires a large initial output of resources and research, and must be properly maintained from year to year. Still, a database helping your students find and connect with mission-appropriate employers might help more than just the newly employed in the long run. With that in mind, we’ve got some key points for the Business Office to hit while collecting resources for would-be student workers.

businessmanager eletter Vol14 No1 healthASK

Ask ISM’s Health Care Reform Specialist

Vol. 14 No. 7

Q: I received a legal-looking letter from The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) asking for information about a Medicare Beneficiary or Spouse. Is this letter legitimate, and do I have to do something with it?

businessmanager eletter Vol14 No7 ideas

6 Resources From the Business Manager e-List

Vol. 14 No. 7

Conversations abound on the Business Manager e-List, as private school administrators swap stories and resources with their peers. We’ve collected six of the most relevant crowdsourced points from the e-List over the last few months, hoping that your Business Office will find some useful gems for future use.

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