businessmanager eletter Vol15 No3 growth

Cash Management Boosts Your Bottom Line

Vol. 15 No. 3

Are you gaining the greatest possible benefit from your school’s cash on deposit? Schools, like most businesses, pay their bills—payroll and invoices for goods bought and services delivered —periodically, usually several times a month.

What happens to that money between the time it arrives and the time you make payments? Your school can maximize the income and benefits provided by these large infusions of cash, increasing the funds available for investment.

businessmanager eletter Vol15 No3 taboo

Are There Taboo Office Topics Anymore?

Vol. 15 No. 3

The day after Election Day was a somber one for many. The media were going crazy with pro and con debates; activist groups on both sides were hosting rallies; and the majority of us office worker-bees mustered through most of that Wednesday in a daze. Regardless of what side of the political fence you were on, the results required a day of reflection. As a nation, we were imagining our next four years.

After we collected ourselves and our thoughts settled, most of us were left in a strange position. Politics is one of those taboo topics HR departments tell us not to discuss during work hours. Like religion, political conversations can quickly enter a red danger zone of offensive or harassing language. This opens organizations up to not just HR claims, but, if the conversation balloons past red and into the purple flashing critical mass zone, your school can find itself in a nasty lawsuit.

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