Tips for Students: Managing Bullying

Vol. 2 No. 2


Since the start of the new school year we’ve published several articles about bullying. Here is a simple checklist you can distribute to students and teachers.

If you see bullying
You can help stop the bullying. Next time you see someone being bullied, try one (or more) of these ideas:

  • If it is safe, speak up. Say something like, “Stop it—that’s not funny!”
  • Tell an adult. Tell someone who you trust, like your teacher or coach—either in person or by leaving them a note.
  • Be a friend to the person who is being bullied. You (and your friends) can be advocates against bulling for your school.
  • Talk with them.
  • Sit with them at lunch.
  • Play with them at recess.
  • Set a good example. Do not bully others—not even bully’s.

If you are being bullied
What can you do to stop from being bullied?

  • If it is safe, speak up. Say something like, “Stop it.”
  • Walk away. Act like you do not care, even if you really do.
  • Tell an adult you trust. That person may have ideas about what you can do.
  • Stick together. Staying with a group might help.

Online support against bullying:
Help STOP Bullying! (video to right)
It Gets Better" Project

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