Trip and Volunteer Protocols

Vol. 3 No. 6

Spring is right around the corner. With warmer weather, field trips are likely to start springing up on calendars in an effort to connect theory and practice.

With any off-site trip, you need to follow safety policies to reduce risks. This is a good time to review your school’s policies for faculty and volunteers accompanying students off campus. Start by defining what a field trip is. Some schools consider any event that takes students off-site as a field trip, while others define them as travel greater than 10 miles from campus. Once you have your school’s definition determined, the following guidelines may help you polish your school’s protocols.



Vol. 3 No. 6

Q: I have a good idea what type of claims employees can bring against schools (for wrongful termination, harassment, and the like). What type of claims do you see parents bringing against schools? Do Directors & Officers (D&O) policies generally cover these claims?

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