Risks That Keep You Up at Night

Vol. 3 No. 7

Schools, like all organizations, are at risk of lawsuits and claims—even when all protocols are followed and proper insurance is carried.

In a recent edition of Net Assets, the article Risk, Claims, And What Keeps You Up At Night (NBOA members can access the entire issue in the membership area of the NBOA site), mentioned that assaults, athletic injuries, slips and falls, and employment discrimination claims are both the most common and most costly risks that private schools face.


Planning Against Violent Acts

Vol. 3 No. 7

There has been a great deal of violence in the news this year. The Sandy Hook Elementary shootings and the Boston bombings shook us on a national level. Within our local communities, tragedies such as teacher sex scandals, vicious bullying, and drug/gang wars have made headlines. For students, rationalizing these acts can be a struggle. (Read Suggestions for Handling Tragic Events.) For adults—especially educators and administrators—making sense of these events and establishing risk management protocols can be frustrating—and emotionally exhausting.

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