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Ask ISM’s Risk Manager

Vol. 5 No. 10

Q: Our broker keeps mentioning Cyber Insurance. We’re not a technology-focused school, although we do offer some advanced computer-based courses, and so I’m struggling to understand how we would benefit from this extra protection. For the cost associated with this coverage, I need some solid reasoning to bring to my School Head as to why we should consider purchasing it. Is this coverage worth carrying for schools not immersed in computer science?

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Sexual Misconduct on Campus Part II: Background Checks

Vol. 5 No. 10

In Vol. 5. No. 8, we published Part I of this series on sexual misconduct. We started the series with an overview of common terms and external resources, laying the foundation to help schools create policies and protocols. In this second part, we’re going to focus on combating sexual violence with comprehensive background checks.

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Empowering Your (Social) Network

Vol. 5 No. 10

If you’re a fan of Fast Company, then you might have stumbled across a recent article, "The Three People Who Matter Most In Your Network." Josh Mait nailed it when he said the three most important people you can connect with are The Hub (someone with many connections), The Mentor (someone with many connections, but who is more selective in his/her networking), and The Rising Star (a smart, driven, up-and-coming elite who wants your mentorship).

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Redefining Loyalty

Vol. 5 No. 9

When it comes evaluating employees, or, even reenrolling vested families, often loyalty is taken into consideration. The longer their tenure, the more vested they are, the more irreplaceable they are. If an employee stays onboard, he/she must live and breathe the mission and vision of your school, right? If a family reenrolls, they must believe in the culture of your school, right?

Not necessarily.


Ask ISM’s Risk Manager

Vol. 5 No. 9

Q: We have employees who are not paid over summer break and who are not actively working with us during that time. If they work on average less than 30 hours per week because of the break, do we have to offer them health insurance?

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Summery Health Infused Water Recipes

Vol. 5 No. 8

Summertime means afternoons at the pool, weekends at the beach, backyard BBQs, hiking trails, gardening, baseball games, conferences… summertime means extended hours outdoors doing what we can’t do during the long winter months. More sunlight and warm temperatures offer many health benefits, but extended exposure can also make us vulnerable to certain health risks such as dehydration. To counter dehydration, we fill up our coolers, water bottles, and canteens. But, water by itself can be boring, and energy drinks and flavored waters contain unwanted sugars and chemicals.

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