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Vol. 5 No. 10

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If you’re a fan of Fast Company, then you might have stumbled across a recent article, "The Three People Who Matter Most In Your Network." Josh Mait nailed it when he said the three most important people you can connect with are The Hub (someone with many connections), The Mentor (someone with many connections, but who is more selective in his/her networking), and The Rising Star (a smart, driven, up-and-coming elite who wants your mentorship).

Take a moment to think about your connections on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Different social media sites encourage different sides of our personalities to shine. And, certainly, different social sites encourage a slightly different networking portfolio of friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. Let’s just focus on the site you use most for professional networking. Who are your Hub, Mentor, and Rising Star? How have they helped you develop professionally … how have you helped others?

Knowledge, answers, and feedback are almost instantaneous in today’s connected world. Need an Affordable Care Act question answered and can’t wait for your broker to respond at his/her leisure? Do a quick Twitter search for #ACAchat or #ACA. If you’re not flooded with answers to your question, tweet it along with the hashtag #ACA. Twitter is so instant; answers will be coming in before you finish sipping on your morning coffee.

Trying to fill a last minute faculty position? Post your job description on LinkedIn. Feeling extra knowledgeable about the most recent accounting software update? Brag a little on this professional social site of choice. You might just be helping someone less knowledgeable!

Looking for opposing political views to share with your history class? Facebook is the place to go. Research shows that 30% of Facebook users are active in commenting and responding to political news.

Although so much has changed in business, it's still all about who you know—and not just in terms of navigating your next career move. Who you know in the private school world can not only help you advance your career, but can also help you grow as a professional. Without even leaving your office, your couch, or your bedroom on a lazy Saturday morning, you can find inspiration, help someone else solve a nagging concern, and have your own questions answered—all while you build your network and reputation with others who are dedicated to advancing the lives of students. That in itself is pretty powerful.

There is a vast pool of insightful, revolutionizing private-independent school content floating about on various social media channels created and distributed by motivational, forward-thinking leaders in education. If you’re on the fence about dedicating time to explore and expand your social network, let us gently nudge you. It is worth your time to find your Hubs, Mentors, and Rising Stars.

And, if you’re a veteran of the social networking realm, be a Mentor and share a few tips, tricks, and advice. Our comment boxes are open for suggestions, and our Twitter handle, ISMINC, is always online for conversation and sharing.

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