riskmanager eletter Vol6 No4 positive

Staying Positive In Negative Environments

Vol. 6 No. 4

The holidays aren’t joyful times of the year for everyone. In fact, for some, the season triggers depression and lingering sadness.

It can be a challenge to hold onto your positivity when those around you just want to rain on the parade. Staying positive is good for your health, though. Pessimistic people have a 20% higher risk of dying over a 30-year period than optimistic people. Smiling is healthy. Laughter is healing. And, even if you, are in a seasonal slump, these few tips can help you to keep focused and keep positive.

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Five Ideas for Protecting Your Food-Allergic Students

Vol. 6 No. 4

With holiday celebrations behind us—including classroom parties, bake sales, and seasonal concerts that with festive intermission snacks—you might be taking some time over your break to think about refreshing your policies on food allergies. (Or, create one.) Allergy emergencies are intense, and, depending on the level of preparedness of your faculty and staff, they can be downright frightening. However, implementing too strict of policies can leave food-allergic students feeling isolated and outcast.

riskmanager eletter Vol6 No3 millennial

Attracting and Retaining Millennials: Rethinking Your School Values

Vol. 6 No. 3

Attracting the brightest faculty and staff has been a conversation point with schools for as long as school doors have been open. Your families want the best for their children—you want the best for your students. However, including, “Now hiring the best and brightest” in your job descriptions simply isn’t enough.

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Ask ISM's Risk Manager

Vol. 6 No. 3

Q: We’re in the middle of updating our school’s risk plans. While we’ve polished most of it, our teams are struggling somewhat with lockdown procedures. Does ISM have any lockdown guidelines we can consider as we continue revising?

riskmanager eletter Vol6 No3 sickdayexcuse

My Dog Ate My Creative Sick Day Excuse

Vol. 6 No. 3

It’s the holiday season. Although schools have liberal holiday vacation time, it's also a time of year where stress, overwhelming to-do lists, and an avalanche of other reasons trigger employees’ cashing in some of their sick time. Surveys show that December is the most popular month for calling out of work. While nine in ten employees say they have never faked being sick during the holidays, there’s still that one in ten employees who will cash in some unused time to catch up with the bustle of the season and their own mental health.

riskmanager eletter Vol6 No2 EAPaddiction

Can Employee Assistant Programs (EAPs) Combat Drug Addictions?

Vol. 6 No. 2

There is a new type of drug user entering corporate (and non-profit) America, reshaping the image of addiction: abusers of prescription medications.

Drug screening, clear and updated employee handbooks outlining policies on substance abuse, background checks, and criminal records are tools for reducing risks to your school. However, these tools and methods for protecting your school and your students aren’t enough to combat the growing number of people addicted to prescription medications. Researchers are urging companies to remember the positive impact Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) programs can have.

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