Part Two: Top 12 HR Tips and Action Items for Summer 2010

Vol. 8 No. 9

Last month, we offered the first six tips from a Top 12 list of tips and action items to help you enhance your HR practices this summer. We'll present the final six this month before taking a break for the summer.

Notes from the HR Blogosphere

Vol. 8 No. 9

Just about everything we do in developing each HR e-letter is directed toward helping you understand how HR issues apply in schools. At the same time, we recognize that fresh ideas from other fields are often helpful in spurring creative thinking—and what better time to let the mind wander and be creative than summer? To that end, we wanted to highlight a few HR blogs that cover a range of HR topics that might be of interest—with interesting twists and perspectives to keep things fresh:

Ten Million People Strong and Growing—Health Savings Accounts

Vol. 8 No. 9

Hot off the presses on May 19 was the news that enrollment in health saving accounts linked to high-deductible insurance plans (they must be linked by law) had grown to 10 million people.

Since 2004, when a law added Medicare's prescription drug benefits to health saving accounts (HSA), enrollment has been steadily increasing. (It's almost a new trend in the insurance world!) And, there are no signs that enrollments will slow down or start to plateau looking ahead.

Green Corner—How to Grill Green

Vol. 8 No. 9

Now that the season is finally in transition, images of grilled organic vegetables might be dancing in your head. Of course, what goes better with spring and summer than backyard grilling and picnics? Barbecue grills can even be an ecofriendly option for you and your family, so if the mere thought of grilled food makes your mouth water, it's time to treat yourself to delicious and healthy meals.

How to Expand Without Expanding—One School's Solution to the Challenges of Space Restriction

Vol. 8 No. 9

If part of your job includes the duties of a Facilities Manager, then you're probably aware of the challenges of space. You need fields for your sports teams, labs for your science students, updated math facilities to meet the technological advances, and perhaps even space for a community garden. Yet, your geography could have your plans for progress at a stand-still. You can't move the whole school!

Part One: Top 12 HR Tips and Action Items for Summer 2010

Vol. 8 No. 8

As school is already out for the summer in some parts of the country (and rapidly wrapping up in most other regions), we wanted to offer a "Top 12" list of tips and "action items" to help you enhance your HR practices this summer. We'll present the first six in this edition and the final six in next month's e-Letter before taking a break for the summer.

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