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The Case for Vacations

Vol. 14 No. 1

The beginning of the school year often means a temporary respite for Business Managers. The school’s last audit recently wrapped up, and the next audit is in the beginning stages of preparation. The current budget has (mostly) been worked out, and next year’s will start in November. Now might be the perfect time for you to take a break from the Business Office for an extended breather—your schedule won’t get any clearer for the foreseeable future, and vacations have definitive health and professional benefits you can’t get holed up in your office.

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Ask ISM's Health Care Reform Specialist

Vol. 14 No. 1

Q: We are a small school with 20 employees, and we fund a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) for employees on our health insurance plan to help pay for the deductible. I was told that we have to file reporting forms because of this arrangement. Based on our size, I thought we were not required to report. Did I receive bad information?

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Advice for New Business Managers

Vol. 14 No. 1

September is the month of beginnings. It’s the start of a new school year, a new volume of The Source, and—perhaps—your first year at a private-independent school as a brand-new Business Manager. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry. We’ve made a list of the important things you should accomplish in your first few months at your new position. So congratulations, good luck, and read up on this advice for new Business Managers.


Ask ISM's Health Care Reform Specialist

Vol. 13 No. 10

Q: We have employees who are not paid over summer break and who are not actively working with us during that time. If they work on average less than 30 hours per week because of the break, do we have to offer them health insurance?

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Three Podcasts for Business Officers

Vol. 13 No. 10

What’s playing over your headphones lately? Music, or a favorite morning talk show? You could use your spare time as a way to find out what’s going on with your peers and learn new techniques through podcasts! Podcasts are like pre-recorded radio shows you can download to your phone, music player, or computer. This month, we’ve found three we think Business Officers will appreciate.

businessmanager eletter Vol13 No10 juice

Moderation Is Everything: The Health Effects of Juice

Vol. 13 No. 10

Soda was once the Big Bad Wolf of student health reform measures. After all, an estimated 41% of a student’s sugar intake once came solely from liquids, according to the Center for Disease Control—and soda comprised a large portion of those liquids. The sugary, carbonated beverages have now largely disappeared from school vending machines and lunch offerings, but that doesn’t mean sugary drinks are gone completely.

Some private-independent schools and public institutions are slowly phasing out juice—even 100% fruit juice with no added sugar—though research is conflicted on whether these sweet substitutes are as unhealthy as soda.

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