businessmanager eletter Vol15 No1 mentor

Setting Up An Effective Mentor Program

Vol. 15 No. 1

With the start of a fresh school year comes the opportunity to incorporate new programs and incentives for your faculty and staff. If your culture doesn’t already incorporate a mentoring program, we strongly encourage you take advantage of the new academic year to instill one. The benefits greatly outweigh the pains of initiation.

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9 Items New Business Managers Should Keep in Mind

Vol. 15 No. 1

Is this your first year at a private-independent school as a brand-new Business Manager? Are you feeling overwhelmed with the start of the school year? To help you get the jump on things and stay focused on your job, here are nine items to keep in mind in your first few months in your new position. (In fact, even seasoned Business Managers would do well to keep these thoughts forefront in their minds!)

businessmanager eletter Vol14 No10 overtime

The New—and Official!—Overtime Regulations for Private Schools

Vol. 14 No. 10

We’ve been expecting this particular overtime rule adjustment for over a year now. Finally, on May 18, President Obama published the final rule and officially increased the new minimum salary requirement. While the minimum has been lowered from a previously suggested $50,000+ annual pay to $47,476, this increase is still over twice the current effective minimum threshold to qualify as overtime-exempt. This change goes into effect on December 1, and could profoundly impact your employees’ compensation.

Here, then, are four basic questions from private-independent schools on how the new rule might affect the school community—as a supplement to advice from your school’s legal counsel, of course!

businessmanager eletter Vol14 No1 healthASK

Ask ISM's Health Care Reform Specialist

Vol. 14 No. 10

Q: As I start new employee packages, what documents does the Affordable Care Act require that I include?

businessmanager eletter Vol14 No10 summerreadin

2016 Summer Reading Recommendations for Business Managers

Vol. 14 No. 10

We hope your summer thus far has been both productive and comparatively relaxing. Relative quiet on campus means more opportunities to complete projects and prepare for September. Finally, you have the time to squeeze in a few helpful books on your reading list—and our Consultants have some suggestions to add to your “to be read” stack.

businessmanager eletter Vol14 No9 insurancereview

Questions You and Your Broker Should Discuss When Reviewing Your Benefits

Vol. 14 No. 9

Providing health insurance to your school’s employees can be a tricky business, especially when you’re considering a switch. It can feel a bit like “the devil you know versus the devil you don’t,” making you hesitant to change from your current provider—no matter how much trouble you’ve experienced. This month, we’ve made a checklist of questions for you and your broker to ponder while evaluating your insurance carrier and weighing your options.

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