businessmanager eletter Vol16 No2 internationalstudent

The 30-Day Rule Impacting Your International Student Program

Vol. 16 No. 2

Once you’ve made the decision to enroll international students and have gone through the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) certification process, you must become knowledgeable about and adhere to SEVP’s rules and regulations.

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What You Need to Know About Medicare and 1095/1094 Reporting in October 2017

Vol. 16 No. 2

Many of the schools we work with have questions about employee benefits and how to ensure the long-term well-being of their school’s administrators, faculty, and staff. Lucky for us, ISM’s Affordable Care Act Specialist and Flexible Benefits Manager provides a wealth of knowledge in these areas.

Today, we’re sharing some recent information regarding Medicare Part D Notices and 1095/1094 Reporting. Read on for the latest updates.

businessmanager eletter Vol16 No1 bankrupcy

What Do You Do When a Family Files for Bankruptcy?

Vol. 16 No. 1

The following scenario was recently shared in our Business Manager e-list, a free, email-based, position-specific resource for private-independent school community members. “A student is enrolled for the 2017–18 school year but has a small outstanding balance on their 2016–17 tuition account. The parents promised to pay it over the summer but, before making the payment, filed for bankruptcy and named the school as a creditor. What do we do?”

businessmanager eletter Vol16 No1 plan

Creating Your School's Response and Recovery Plans

Vol. 16 No. 1

An important function of every school’s Business Office is helping create and maintain the crisis management plan. Many schools have created a Risk Management Team to oversee this function. If you’re a member of the committee, don’t forget to create your response and recovery action plans.

businessmanager eletter Vol15 No6 summerreadin

2017 Summer Reading Recommendations for Business Managers

Vol. 15 No. 6

It’s summertime again—students take off for break and we look forward to a slower pace, if just for a few months. This reprieve from the hectic school year means it’s also a great time to focus on professional development in the form of summer reading.

businessmanager eletter Vol15 No6 SEVISteam

Building an International Student Program Team

Vol. 15 No. 6

International student programs have grown tremendously over the past decade in private-independent schools. In response to this growth, more schools have applied for and received SEVP certification in the past few years than ever before.

However, in a hasty scramble to meet compliance, some schools are finding themselves with access to a portal they don’t fully understand, responsible for policies they’re vaguely familiar with, and misaligned with other key administrators.

If this sounds like your school, don’t worry, we can help.

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